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EasyASP Pre-Sales FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
What counts as disk space?
All of your web files, logs, email stored on the server and databases (excluding MS SQL 2000 databases as they are billed separately).
What happens if I go over my bandwidth and web space quotas?
We will not cap off your web space or bandwidth usage. We will simply bill you for what you used extra. Extra disk space is $0.25 per 10 MB. Bandwidth is $2.50 per 1 GB of transfer. Some hosting companies will simply turn off your website once your quota is reached. We do not practice this. You will get an invoice via email if you are over your quotas. You can always check your resources usage in HELM, our control panel.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at a later date?
You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at anytime. For example, you can open your account on the starter plan and later upgrade to the a higher level plan. If you are in the middle a term, we will prorate the upgrade.
Is my website backed up ?
Your website is backed up on a nightly basis. We have an archive of approximately two weeks. Your email stored on the server is not backed up because the email is constantly being used on the server. It is recommended for extra precaution that you download and backup your web files for extra precaution.
What are the full details of the spring special?
For a limited time, the premium plan will include 3 domains. This means you can break up the 1,000 of included webspace across the three domains in any way you want. For example, one domain can be 500 MB, one domain 300 MB and the other domain 200 MB. When you sign up, simply sign up for your primary domain. You can then add your additional domains in the helm control panel.

Additionally, the premium plan includes a 5 MB MS SQL database. Also, we are waiving the $25 setup fee for a limited time. If you require more than 5 MB of MS SQL, each additional mb will be billed at $1 per mb per month (billed at the same terms of your hosting account). After your hosting account is created, submit an email to with your domain name, desired database name, desired database username, desired database password, desired dsn name (optional), database size, and the words spring special.

Can I have more than one domain per package?
You can add a domain to any of the plans offered for $2.99 per month. This will be billed to coincide with the same terms you sign up for (i.e. 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months). This will not add any additional space or bandwidth resources to your plan. To add another domain, please email with your domain name and the number of domains you want to add to your plan.  
How does the pricing work ?
We bill your credit card for a minimum of six months at a time. We have to do this because our monthly hosting rates are so low, we cannot afford to pay the credit card companies every month for transaction fees. If you choose to prepay for the year, we will bill you for the entire year. If you choose to prepay for two years, we will bill you for both years.
What methods of payments do you accept?
We currently accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Upon request, we will accept checks and PayPal on hosting accounts that prepay for the year. We will setup your hosting account(s) once your check clears.

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